Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Old Is Too Old To Stay In A Hostel?

Japan: 2009 when I was a young man & I began inter-continental travel at 28 years old

Iran 2017: This year, slightly older about 8 years from when I started
      I began traveling around the USA and north America in my early 20's, but for the title of the blog we will begin my travels out of the continent in 2009 to my first amazing trip to Japan. That was really the moment that set the tone for what would be the next decade and hopefully beyond of my life. Like all budget travelers I have inevitably gone the hostel route. And like all budget travelers over 30 I began at some point to consider... at what point am I too old for the hostel?

     Like everyone we like to believe we "look younger", but in reality I'm 36. However, that's no reason to not travel, but at what point are you the old guy in the hostel. My short answer is, it's about a year ago, at 35 I'm noticing I'm not the old guy in the hostel, but I'm pretty close, and if it weren't for my high ability to party I'd maybe be too old even at 35. My income is above the hostel level at this point in life, but it's been such a habit over the last few years to spend at least part of my journey in a hostel that I still stayed in a few during last year's travels. But in reality I think my time has come. Once you start getting that feeling you are too old for the hostel, you probably have about a year or two. If you enjoy a quiet evening reading a book, or need your own space, you probably are already there regardless of your age.

    So at your mid thirties, it's time to throw the hostel away and start spending more money, but alas, there is hope!!! Here's some exceptions to the age rule:

  • You are staying in the hostel but you have a private dorm
  • You and your friends are renting the whole room so you won't be with strangers
  • The price is enormously different, as in you need a side job to afford the difference, so you will be that weird guy or gal
     There's also other great options like just renting a room off Airbnb. If you've been in the travel game awhile you knew the moment was coming, if you are coming in late, it's ok! You will still have plenty of time and options to see the world!


Choose the continent!!!!

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