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How I went to Tokyo and did MOST of the best things for under $10!

In November of 2008 I visited my favorite city in Asia! After hoping to go to Tokyo for over 10 years I finally made my first, but not last trip to Japan! Booked flight and hotel together traveling from Wednesday to Wednesday for under $2,000. It would have been even cheaper but I splurged for a hotel overlooking the Tokyo Bay in Odaiba for my last night. It was a trip I will never forget and can't wait for my next trip to Japan!

Here's everything I did without breaking the bank!

-Stayed in Shinjuku at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, very small room, but right next to the train station. The hotel was absolutely perfect for my stay!

-Shinjuku Govertment Building, head over and take the elevator to the penthouse floor, I did it during the day and evening, price: FREE Also just enjoyed walking around Shinjuku and all the neighborhoods in Tokyo.

-Tsukiji Fish Market, you'll find this recommended in every tourist book, check it out early in the morning, entry: FREE Buy some seafood if you like!

-The Sony Building, check out the latest and greatest gadget and electronics, entry is FREE

-Imperial Palace, another place you will find recommended in every guide, check out the palace and statues in the area, price: FREE

-Walk over to Hama garden adjacent to Tsukiji, under $3 (sorry I don't remember the pricing in ¥), take the Sumida River Cruise (under $5) and check out the Senso-Ji Temple, FREE

-In Ueno, check out famous statues and parks FREE, and Tokyo national museum (Under $10).

-Harajuku, check out the temples and shrines and tori's. All FREE, shopping in Harajuku is cheap in some areas and upscale/pricy in some others. Highly recommend googling walking tours of Harajuku and pick your favorite.

-Shibuya Crossing, go at night, if you are American and have been to Times Square, this is the Times Square of Tokyo and makes our Times Square look like Grammercy Park on a cold winter day.

-Roppongi Art Museum (under $10). Enjoy the museum, then stay for a beer at night overlooking the city with views of Tokyo Tower.

-Odaiba, Museum of Emerging Science, under $10, check out this place and expect a few hours, so much fun regardless of age etc. Make sure you bring your best camera to get some great pictures on the beach in Odaiba.

-PS the subways are the most efficient of anywhere I have been in the world, save money on taxis.

What to splurge on:

-Onsen in Odaiba, immerse yourself in Japanese culture by bathing in hot springs pumped from hundreds of feet below the Earth, enjoy the dining and old Tokyo set up at the Onsen, no better way to feel a part of Tokyo in you, and don't worry if you are shy, the Onsens are single sex only.

-Dinner on the harbor in Odaiba.... can you tell I liked this part of Tokyo yet?

-Traditional Japanese souvenirs

-Foot massage, only one I ever had in my life, but if you are enjoying Tokyo by foot as much as you should be you will need one!!!!

-Clothing... if it fits! Tokyo is always on the front of Fashion, do some heavy duty shopping in Ginza and Harajuku, not at your chain stores but individual boutiques.

Enjoy my video of this trip!

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  1. I will be leaving in November to Tokyo for 3 weeks with a friend. Any way I could shoot you an email and get some more information from you so that I can enjoy this trip as much as I can? I would really appreciate it!

    Also, I hope this doesn't embarrass you but, you really are one heck of a sexy man... :)