Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Safari Through South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique

     You have not experienced life to it's fullest without visiting Africa. I knew I wanted to go, and I knew a safari was more my speed than visiting the pyramids in Northern Africa. I monitored the flights for over a 6 month period for trends, and could have booked my flight for very cheap but got greedy and ended up paying $2,200 to fly from Phoenix to South Africa, but that included layover vacations to London and Amsterdam.

     Once in Africa, you will not have to worry about money much! I stayed my first and last night at the Dove's Nest Guest House in Tambo/Johannesburg. I booked a camping Safari with a Nomad Tours, at first to save money, but in the long run, if you make $200,000 a year, I would go this way! It was the complete best way for me to see Africa. We spent the days exploring wild life reserves or beautiful islands and beaches and nights spent by the campfire. I met a lot of great people I am still friends with and the cost came out to around $60 a day including meals, transport, wild life reserves entry, camping equipment etc. To do this yourself would be easily over $150 a day and good luck driving on streets with no pavement and no signs in Africa. I get lost in my own city, couldn't imagine doing Africa solo!

If you hit the coast you will see the most beautiful beaches you can imagine, and 90% of the time, we were the only people on them.
     Camping in Africa can be found easily by googling "Africa Overland". You will have an amazing time and the experiences I had in Africa I will never forget!

How to save money in Africa:

Well, firstly, Africa is for the most part 3rd world, you will not be spending much money anywhere, we had dinner and drinks on the beach resorts for around $5 for what would cost around $50 in developed nations. This is the only continent of the 6 of the 7 that instead of urging you where to save, I'm going to urge you to spend more. So let's get right to....

What to splurge on:

 -Do at least one ocean safari if you are by the ocean, it's pennies on the dollar compared to what you'd pay anywhere else.
Me with a whale shark!
 -Buy wine. We lived on the South African wine for over 2 weeks, it was a great thing to bring some home as a gift and for myself.

-Do every type of land Safari available, especially the walking ones! This is for most people a once in a lifetime adventure, the safari options I had were from free to around $100. All well worth it!

-Do not bargain! Ok every tour book I read, and a lot of the people there will encourage you to bargain when you hit the villages, towns, or random places they sell things in Africa. Here's the deal, you can bargain down and save $5. Yipee. But that $5 that can't even buy you lunch in America will pay for that African's family to eat that night. Give the money to them full price, they need it more than you, and you will very much understand that once you are in Africa.

-Buy it from the guy that makes it. Instead of getting your wooden elephant from the airport that was made in China buy if from the sculptor you see making it.

-Do make friends!

Enjoy my travel video of this trip!

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