Wednesday, February 15, 2017

1 Day In Tunisia

    After leaving Egypt on my way home I decided to do what I preach best and do a full stop over in Tunis, Tunisia.  Coming from Egypt the land of hagglers and still being in North Africa I was expecting Tunis to be the same mix of crazy shop keepers, blended with amazing people, and amazing history, I was pleasantly surprised to see the hagglers didn't exist there, I actually felt bad walking into stores where I intended to spend money. Anyway, along with a selective color setting I accidentally found on my camera, while exploring the history of the city and creating a great photo journal of it, here's my tips:

  • If you only have one day to three days, Tunis is renoun for it's beautiful beaches, but if you want a real feel for the history and the people, the Medina is the place to stay. I was fortunate enough to find an airbnb built during the Ottoman Empire, thank god we are in the days of digital cameras, because in the old days I would have ran a whole role of film on this place alone.
  • French and Arabic are the native languages but you will have no issue finding plenty of people that can communicate in English
  • Tunis is cheap, super cheap, but super first world at the same time. Modern facilities, great restaurants, and personally I had zero safety issues.
  • Get your shopping in at the Medina, there's plenty of other places but the Medina is loaded with common items, as well as unique Tunisian items and souvenirs.

Winding alleys of the Medina

  • Sidi Bou Said is like Mykonos, but nicer! That's how it was explained to me and that's how I spent my evening enjoying a delicious dinner there.
  • Worried about getting ripped of by Taxi drivers? Don't. All the cabs were metered and prices matched what I had been told they would by people that lived there.
  • No trip to the middle East or north Africa is complete without vile Turkish Coffee, although I hated it while there, I think about it and crave it anytime I think about this trip for some reason!
  • I didn't have enough time to check out museums etc, this was more because how drawn in I was by the Medina, I can't express how much I loved it, be sure to check it out!

Whether it's just a stop over, or you can spend more time there, Tunisia is not a country to be missed!

                       Enjoy my video of the trip below!

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