Monday, July 11, 2011

How to find the cheapest airfare!

Ok... so you want to book your flight for as cheap as possible, here's the tips I can give you to book a cheaper flight, a really cheap flight, and a free flight:

To book a cheaper Flight

-Book way in advance, having travel plans for as much time out as you can, is a good way to score some great travel deals. My lowest price flight from Phoenix to NYC was only $185, the highest I've paid for this route is $360

-Subscribe to travel alerts, if you have a popular route you travel or a dream destination that you are just dying to go to sign up for travel alerts on all the popular travel sites. These sites will email you or text you when the flight drops below a certain price for your desired flight.

-Fly in the off season! Research the place you are going to, find out when the off season is, if that works for you, not as many people head to Australia in August, although Sydney has very mild winters and was one of my best trips! I flew to South Africa in 2010 right after the World Cup when no one else was going, too bad I missed the games, but saved a ton on the flights!

-Don't fly when everyone else is flying, flying weekends or holidays is while everyone else is there is an expensive time to fly, try to book your holiday from a Tuesday to a Tuesday, Tuesday through Thursday tend to be the cheapest days to fly.

-Take advantage of connections! Check out my link on layover vacations, if it possible book trips within trips, layovers can be much more than a few hours at the airport.

-Don't make a connection (expert level traveler). One time a buddy of mine could not find a cheap flight to Phoenix, but he found one to Vegas connecting in Phoenix and simply got off the plane and canceled his connection.

How to book a really cheap flight

-Get a friend that works at the airlines. They have buddy pass programs, you'll still pay taxes and fees, but the flights can be more than 50% off.

-When they ask you if you can take the next flight... Consider it. Sometimes the deal sucks. This one depends on the airline, if they offer you a free or cheap international flight for you to fly out the next day, call work and go out sick, stay at a cheap airport hotel and get ready for your next international adventure. Domestic airlines will vary from asking you to go stand by for cheap to very reasonable deals. I once got $440 flying credit for going standby for 2 hours. Cha Ching $!

How to fly for free

Ok, there's not going to be many surprises here...

-Get a job with the airlines. I have an uncle who retired and wanted to travel with my Aunt. He's a baggage guy for an airline works the minimum hours for free flights and travels around the world. Anyone on the plane that is staff obviously is flying free and the airlines typically pay for your hotel as well, but these are short stays.

-Get a job with a delivery company

-Get a job that involves travel, military, business, tourism, something that will pay for you to go around the world, with these deals you have little to no selection about where you will go. One of my buddies was very excited to be enlisting and told me he was going to be in Italy one week, and Germany the next and then who knows. I was thinking uhhhhhh...... I don't really think that's how it works, maybe Iraq one week, then Afghanistan the next.

-Compress yourself into a box, and have yourself shipped out in the airline, bring food and water, but don't eat much in case you need to use the bathroom. I AM KIDDING!

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