Monday, July 23, 2012

What Not To Do In The Bahamas

Ok this was a long time ago... Do not take pictures like this, they will haunt you.

   The Bahamas, a series of islands that are just a short flight away from Florida, and also the actual location of my first international trip. I went to the Bahamas in early 2002 on also what was my first spring break. I was 20 years old and fairly inexperienced with travel at the time so did not make the most of my time there. It was also over a decade ago so my memory is shady... and uhhh... there was quite a lot of Bacardi flowing so that didn't help with the memory either. If you are thinking of going to the Bahamas here's my take, it is a great place to go, I've been twice! But consider your time frame...


7-10 days: See other islands, take a cruise to the carribean instead, it will probably be cheaper and all meals are typically covered.
Less than 7 days: Consider the cruise but just the islands of the Bahamas are fun as well.
Less than 4 days: Spend the whole time on the island.

And with all of the above, I totally recommend a layover one night in Florida, perhaps at my favorite FL city Miami if it's financially feasible.

In 2002 with my friend Chris, then in 2005 with my friend Fred... Wearing the same shirt... yep we are budget travelers!

Here's my must do's and do not do's, and tips for the Bahamas, again this is over 10 years ago the memory is fuzzy.... Strong drinks at the Waterloo!

  • The beach, duhhhh.......
  • Do go to club Waterloo if you are single, you'll have the time of your life.
  • Do not go to club Waterloo if you are dating... bad idea, trust me.
  • In both cases, do not go in the pool at the club Waterloo at night with your night club clothes on! You'll get kicked out of the place! Or... uhhh.... so I heard.
  • Buy beads and sculptures from the bead ladies, cheap & great souveniers.
  • Snorkel if you don't have your scuba cert but...
  • Try to get your scuba certification prior to going, I screwed up, it was 10 years ago and I totally didn't get to dive, it's one of the best places in the world to dive, or so I've heard. I'm in the process of getting my PADI card now, will hopefully be back one day!
  • Do remember by all means even though everyone speaks English you are not in the states, I was in a taxi late night one evening that military pulled over with ak-47's and forced money out of the guy, be on guard just as much as you should be in any foreign country, especially at night or anytime you are not on the beach, you'll see on the drive from the airport to the resort you stay in that it is a different world there when the ocean is not in view, be careful.
  • Rum, rum, and rum. It's cheaper than beer, bring some home... Don't drink the whole bottle though, me and one of my buddies did, I ended up on the hotel balcony at the Holiday Inn At Junkanoo Beach sleeping in emesis... Went back to that room later in life... Ahhh stupidity moments of travel.
  • Hangover breakfast at Senor Frogs, highly recommended, especially if your breakfast is at lunchtime as ours was.
Beats coffee huh?
  • Check out Atlantis! You don't have to stay there to visit, I was there some point at 3am... It's shady, but I remember thinking it looked cool.
  • If you are looking for things beyond the bars, I heard this stuff was cool that I didn't do.... wild horse preserves, iguana spotting, swim with the dolphins (finally did that in Africa), golf, do an underwater cave tour at Thunderball Grotto, and above all guys and girls, if you are going to booze, drink a lot more water than I did. Hangovers can be brutal even on a tropical beach as beautiful at the Bahamas!

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