Monday, July 23, 2012

Planning An International Trip Part II

Continued from part 1....

    Russia.... 5 months out, but research is going strong. I am toying with the idea of canceling the apartment we booked for New Year's eve, originally it was going to be 3 of us now down to 2, but low and behold, the cheaper hotels I was looking at in May/June are now sold out, booking early was a good bet, and at this point the apartment seems to be a good value, plus since Moscow is the main part of the trip for me, might as well have the nicest hotel budget there, so at this point I am keeping the reservation.

    Moscow to St. Petersburg, I've began looking into the train and getting tickets, it's going to be exciting to take the old soviet route on an overnight train, that in itself is an attraction for me in Russia, but too early to book tickets right now. Will continue to research this as it gets closer. Oh and as usual Russian studying is going great with the Pimsluer system.

St. Petersburg Hotels: This will be the 2nd longest leg of the trip so I've begun hotel research. Just some quick browsing on expedia, nothing has jumped out at me just yet and still debating hotel or hostel. Prices look great compared to Moscow New Year's rates, so that tempts me to book soon, but we shall see what happens. Nevsky Central Hotel, cheap place, people complaining that it's a three story walk up with no amenities, aka, the budget travelers type of place! Time to check out some online forums for that one.

Russian Visas: extremely important, but also too early right now to book.

Lay overs: This is almost a 3 week trip, with 1 day in Sweden, and 6 days in France and Germany, it's time to start thinking about how to make the most of my time in those 3 countries, a few good book store cafe days are due, although it's 5 months out I'll be studying in the fall semester and free time for travel research may not be so abundant. Hoping to start reading some books soon!

    And of course $$$, unfortunately, international travel is not free, continued saving money for hotels and spending as flights the biggest part is already paid for. Anticpating by throwing in some hostels that the total bill for hotels will be less than $1,000 for total. Hoping to book the St. Petersburg portion soon, and have started talking to friends about their travels in Sweden, France, and Germany, so excited! Gotta hold my breath and keep busy for 5 more months!

                                                                             Part III Here

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