Monday, July 23, 2012

Mexico, its' okay to drink the water.

    Mexico, a country of political turmoil, drug wars, immigration problems, high crime, and one of the best places I have ever been! It's my southern neighbor here in AZ and there's a huge influence of Mexico in Phoenix, but it's nothing like the two cities I've been to, Ensenada and Cancun. Cancun was a trip long before this travel blog was done, 2004 if I remember correctly, there was a lot of tequila flowing on that trip but I will do my best to include some tips, Ensenada was more recent and no tequila flowing, but it was only on a cruise ship stop, anyway, here's my best of for both cities...

  • Be prepared for value, it is incredibly cheap, we stayed at the Grand Oasis in Cancun all inclusive, it was my first time doing all inclusive, it even included alcoholic beverages, so once you are there your budget worries are very minimal. Everything else was cheap, food, souvenirs, taxi's, bar tabs, etc.
  • Beaches, the beauty of the Mexican beaches is uncanny. Ensenada and Cancun are on opposite sides of the country but equal in beauty. Be ready to swim, snorkel, or scuba.
  • Do not sleep on the beach, besides risk of being robbed, you will get a bad sun burn... Or uhhhh.... so I've heard.
  • Don't worry too much about the water!!! I can't believe how much I hear saying don't drink the water in Mexico, food poisoning etc, blah blah blah. People get food poisoning in Mexico because they are eating tacos and drinking cervezas all day long!!! Plus if you get a disease you'll develope memory b-cells for future infectious attacks!
So... was it the water that gets people sick or the booze?
  • Do somethings besides the beach, there's great ruins and caves in Cancun that we didn't get to see because our hotel was too sweet! One of the few holidays I've been on where the place I stayed was one of the best parts of the trips not just a bed for the night.
Its very hard to leave the hotel when you have an all inclusive swim bar.
  • Be careful and learn Spanish. Make no mistake it is a violent country and English is not fluent, but as with any tourist destination, stay on the main streets and use extra caution at night. Travel in groups and take taxis or buses.
  • Go to the Underwater Museum in Cancun if you can! It didn't exist when I was there, but looks awesome!

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