Monday, July 23, 2012

What To Do For 8 Hours in Hailfax or St John Canada

    It was circa 2002, a long time ago, and my 2nd international trip. I did a cruise from NYC to our northern neighbor Canada. Cruises are great ways to travel, they are fun, you can see many places in one trip instead of multiple, most times all your meals are covered, there's great entertainment, and hell, you are on the ocean a lot, which is pretty damn cool, the only downfall is you don't have a whole lot of time at some of the port stops sometimes. Our maiden voyage took me to the Canadian coast, which is always freezing even in summer. Like the Bahamas, this was a long time ago, the memory is fuzzy, but here's what I can tell you on cruising to Canada....

Nova Scotia Bar
  • George St in St. John is cool, make sure you check it out.
  • The Titanic museum aka Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax definitely worth a visit, it sunk on my birthday... well not really, I wasn't born yet, but if I was 100 years old it would be true.
  • Parks, in both cities are really well maintained, beautiful walks if you are with a significant other or just enjoy nature.
  • Bars, if you are not with a significant other and dont care about the parks, drink up! The people are friendly and the Canadian brews are great!
  • A horseback tour in either city, I did it in St. John, pretty enjoyable for the history buffs.
  • Art galleries, again great in both cities
  • And most importantly, just walk on the piers, it's very beautiful to stand there in the cold summer air and just enjoy the ocean. 

I hope to go back to Canada soon and do more! Vancouver maybe? Or Montreal? It's such a big country (2nd largest in the world), and deserves more than what I have done so far.

Choose the continent!!!!


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