Monday, December 11, 2017

Bike Ride From Italy To Austria

    Some of my explorations of countries have been long trips, over 2 months, others short, my time in Austria as of the time of this writing, is very short! But they way I got in is nonetheless one of the most pleasant and memorable.  I could not have done it without my friend Elena, allora grazie mille Elena! Era fantastico! During a trip to northern Italy we took a day to rent bikes from San Candido and bike the Dolomites about 30 miles into Lienz, Austria.

Old City Leinz


     The journey is incredibly easy, it's a relaxing ride, and of course scenic. The best part is when you are lazy as I was that day, you simply take the train back to return your bike. Make sure to check train times and what time the rental store closes.

    During your ride besides all the great photos and nature there's a great spot to stop off for some chocolates and a coffee. The bikes didn't have locks, it seemed like the type of place where this is no issue, but if you wanna play it super safe you may want to bring or rent a chain.

    What really amazed me most about crossing a border by bicycle is just how quickly it was apparent you were in another country. This was part of a 2 month trip to Italy and we had been speaking Italian the whole time, but within seconds of crossing the border the vast majority of the people we met spoke no Italian from their neighboring city. English was more than enough to enjoy it though. Leinz had a small hometown feel, and it would have been great to spend a night there, but as always we are budget travelers, and the luxury of time is not on our side. I've learned a lot more about the history of Austria this year though, and would love to go back and see more. But for now a bike ride through part of it's western territory will always hold a warm spot in me.

Quick snack before we got back on the train

Choose the continent!!!!

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