Monday, December 17, 2012

Planning An International Trip Part IV

Packing, mapping, and getting excited....

    So this may be the last phase of the Planning An International Trip series of this blog. Next week I leave for Russia, so now the final phases begin, I spent the last few days mapping, seeing where the hotels are in relation to everything I want to see and do. I break it down then, ok, this is close to this, so we will do all those on this day, this night etc. And if possible I have left the final day in the 4 countries we are visiting to be open for whatever we didn't do, or perhaps something new. Mapping in the beginning is not exciting, but now it's fun! I take a virtual walk down the street of the hotel with google streets, and begin thinking that I will be on this street on the other side of the world next week! I've also printed the appropriate maps, and have made notes in my guide books maps I bought here on Amazon, I also have looked enough times that in the chaotic but has happened before event of losing my bags I have a general idea of where everything is.
    I've began looking at the weather, cold as expected, so packing strategy has begun, generally speaking for anything over 1 week, I just pack a weeks worth of clothes, this trip involves some heavy winter clothing which would be difficult to pack, but since every country we are hitting will be cold I will just wear my coat for the flights, it doubles as a flight pillow when I fold it up, or a blanket to spread it out. I've got two great books, Arnold's Biography and a new Daniel Silva I saved from summer to read on this trip. In addition to all the standard things from my Trip Packing List. And of course it's all coming in this bag:

   This is also the time to confirm flights and hotels, to make sure times have not changed and connections are in order, we have all of our trains between locked in now, and have still not booked a hotel for France, but may not do this until we are in Germany in case we decide to stay there later. Paris in early January will have plenty of options so I am not worry it will sell out. I will get currency from ATM's there, and made travel notifications on my credit cards/debit for that. I bought a heavy winter trench coat for the trip but otherwise have everything I need, otherwise this would normally be a good time to shop for any essentials like the stuff on the travel store here. Got all my house stuff taken care of from my blessed roommates, and work days are all locked in off thanks to my firefighter friends. I've also let my family/friends know my schedule and have given them an alternate email to contact me at since you should never log into your main email (with bank accounts etc) from a foreign internet cafe computer.
    So now with a long 9 day wait to go, I am just having some fun getting excited, watching Russian history videos on youtube, or looking at pictures from my guide books, or just thinking about it in anticipation! As I said, this may be the last time I post, I might throw in a final day post if I am up too early for my flight/can't sleep in excitement and want to kill sometime, but otherwise, here goes nothing! Russia for 2013 New Years, along with Sweden, Germany, and France! I hope this blog series helps you on planning an international trip! Feel free to +1 it, share it, or ask me any questions. 

Have a very happy 2012 everyone!

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