Friday, March 23, 2012

What I Did In 24 Hours of Amsterdam

    Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Coming home from my epic month in Africa I was in no mood to be on a plane for 24 hours, so what better place to break up the flight on a lay over vacation than Amsterdam! I landed around 11am after a long flight from Johannesburg,  once at the airport, I realized immediately some of my stuff was stolen out of my checked bag from the airline, ugh, the perils of travel! It was only worth about 30 euros so i didnt care and just went to see Amsterdam, since it was only a day trip I checked my big bag in the day lockers at AMS, & only brought my day bag which had one change of clothes and a few socks/underwear, highly recommended.

Dam Square
    Got to the hotel too early to check in so walked around Dam Sqare area, also highly recommend staying in that area. Got lunch (food in Amsterdam is amazing!) then checked in, loooonnnggg shower... I had been in Africa for a month, it'd been awhile since I was in a hot shower.

     After that, I walked around, went to the actual Dam Square, walked through the red light district, checked out the cafes but couldnt sample because of my job, took a canal tour cruise, went to a casino, did some shopping, got dinner, back to hotel, was gonna try to go out that night but i was so TIRED!!!!! I fought it, went out clothes and souvenir shopping, then sat down at a bar for a drink... Talked with some locals about my time in Africa, I was considering pulling an all nighter and partying it up but Africa had the best of me and ended up going to sleep early, woke up around 9am, it was amazing to see that the packed streets of yesterday were empty even at 9am, guess everyone else partied it up. I enjoyed an amazing breakfast and some of the best espresso ever before flying back to the states. Not bad for 24 hours huh? While 24 hours is not enough to visit any city, AMS is a major airport, if you have a layover here, don't just spend it in AMS, the city is less than 30 minutes away.

Choose the continent!!!!


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