Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Pack Your Carry On

    Often times we are confused about what should go in our carry on bag, here's how I always pack it, and remember from how to pack your bag the golden rule, passport, digital camera, and wallet, everything else can be replaced. Now for a more detailed look:

    My carry on for starters is a small backpack, I've had it since high school and will keep it out of sentiment until it completely falls apart, it has been on nearly every journey with me and doubles as my gym bag when I am home. Mine has multiple compartments which is recommended. Backpack style over handbag is also recommended as you never know when you may need to run between terminals. A lot easier to run with a backpack. This one below is extremely similar to mine, available in just about every color, and best priced I could find on amazon:

  Again, my big school of thought I have on foot wear and carry ons, always wear sneakers to the airport because you never know when you will need to run, I don't care how tropical the destination is and how much you want to relax, thus flip flops will be in the carry on for flight if it is a long flight and you want to lounge around in them. I always keep my digital camera on the carry on as the pics on your return are irreplaceable. I keep at least one book, a magazine, pens, note/sketch book, eye drops, my mp3 player, ipad, ear phones, and I usually wear a sweater which will double as a pillow once I'm ready to sleep, flight neck pillows are over rated and take up too much space in the bag. Any medication or important travel documents should be in your carry on as well.

So here is your list:

  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • digital camera and memory cards 
  • Flip flops or flight footwear
  • books
  • pens
  • sketch pad/notebook
  • eye drops
  • mp3 player
  • ear phones
  • An extra pair of underwear
  • Sweater/coat or clothes that can double as pillow
  • iPad/laptop
  • Anything that is very expensive or cannot be replaced (assuming it fits!)
  • Medications
  • Travel Documents
  • Females: tampons/pads, and some of you men probably could pack these as well.
Enjoy your next journey!


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  1. Good suggestions! Don't forget one change of clothes - or at least underwear - in case the airline loses your luggage.