Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I went to Australia for cheap!!!

Ok, lets talk about Australia! OZ!

   Growing up I thought I would never make it to Australia as prices for the flight alone were well over $2,000.00. But following the tips from my cheap flight article I found a screaming deal with a friend. We booked flight and hotel (Swissotel Sydney and Travelodge Wynyard) together and paid less than $2,000 for 8 nights for both of us! Here's how we did it!

-We followed the flight alerts
-Went in the off season winter, which was mild and still awesome, beach was great and night was the perfect amount of cold
-We made the layover vacation in San Francisco 12 hours to get a quick day trip in!
-We took advantage  of expedia's book flight and hotel together, it made the hotels nearly free.

That's right hotels, nearly free! We booked Sydney and only stayed in Sydney, but we booked it as 2 destinations and clicked no flight needed between, it programmed expedia to still give us the discount so we could stay in two completely different areas of the city!

Tips for OZ:

-Have a few meals in the train station, they all have stands that sell bagels, pastries, etc, meals was one of the most expensive things there. Making a stop underground will save a ton!

-Use public transport, there is no need to hire a car in Sydney, we even ventured out to Katoomba and Featherdale Park using the train.

-Have a few drinks before you go out, the bars are EXPENSIVE!

One of the BEST PARTS had to be walking from Cogee Beach to Bondi Beach along these cliffs, it's a long walk with scenery, grave yards, and ocean side pools, bring your swim suit, and oh yeah it's free!!! Surf when you get to Bondi Beach, not free, but very cheap.

For those of you afraid of the shark attacks you'll find these ocean side pools all over Sydney beaches, and they are all free!

If you didn't get enough beach at Bondi to Cooge head to Manly beach and hike through the tropical forest back to the city free of charge ;-)

What to splurge on in Sydney...

Ok when it comes time to spend money, here's where you spend it...

-Go to Featherdale Park, it's a wild life reserve, you can feed kangaroos, hold a Koala, not a typical zoo at all.

-Have dinner on the harbour, nuff said

-Have a drink at a roof top bar

-Buy some clothes, they're cheaper than the States and Sydney has a great style to bring home

-Get a boomerang, try to find one actually made in Oz... Good luck, but they are somewhere there!

Made in Indonesia!!!?????

Choose the continent!!!!


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