Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flying: The Aisle or The Window

     The great debate that will change your life... ok at least your flight, should you choose the aisle or the window... Here's my way I choose:


  • If I have never been there before and I'm landing during the day do I want a good view of the land from above as I enter?
  • Do I need to sleep really bad? The window is easier to lean on.
  • Do I need to accommodate someone else?
*That being said... I rarely choose the window.


  • Personally I get antsy, I like to get up, walk around and not both the other person.
  • I also like to be able to get things out of my bag if need be.
  • If you are delayed the aisle may give you an extra 5 seconds to run for your connection

    The choice is yours, but I'd say 7 out 10 times, I'm going for the aisle.

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