Thursday, October 27, 2016

Incredible 4 Day Layover in Iceland!


     If you have heard Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in this world, you have heard very correctly! What unfortunately what most people haven't heard about this beautiful little country is that Iceland Air offers free layovers up to 7 days here, which in my humble opinion is more than enough to get a taste of any place! The first time I took Iceland Air passing through here on the way to Russia we only stayed in the airport a couple of hours, but it was more than enough to inspire me and make me realize I had to see Iceland.

      When I traveled to Italy in end of winter/early spring of 2016 I had seen it was only going to be an extra $200 or so to fly thru Iceland and do my layover there. My dream was to actually camp there and explore the country that way, but unfortunately the camp grounds were not going to yet be opened and I wasn't feeling versatile enough with my rental to go off road and pitch a tent somewhere, but... in a beautiful exception of events, I got to see Iceland under the snow, travel thru the ice caves, snow mobile, taste the cold without it being bitter cold, and experience this great nation. Here's my tips to make a kick ass great lay over:

  • Get a taste of Reykjavik, but don't sacrifice it for the rest of the country. It's a beautiful city with amazing people, but we are budget travelers and don't have all time in the world to explore every corner of every city we visit, and as you travel more you will see many big cities are similar, it's getting out of the cities that you really learn a country.
  • By all means self tour! Rent a car, it's super easy driving there, there's only one road once you are out of the city, my 6 hour drive across the country took closer to 10 because the amount of times I had to stop and pull over to explore or photograph something, as tour buses passed I felt bad for the people that were locked in and unable to get out and see more of the place.

  • If you go in the winter do everything you can to make it to the Jokulsarlon Ice Caves, by far the highlight of that trip.


  • And winter or not winter, you can snow mobile year round on the glaciers!

  • And of course either on your way when you land or before you take off head to Iceland's top tourist spot, the geothermal spa Blue Lagoon, it was perfect after my red eye flight to get me ready for the long drive ahead through this amazing country!

  • OH YEAH BONUS TIP! Don't speed, the cops found my friend and gave her a $400 ticket!

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