Monday, June 15, 2015

Layover Trips To Zurich and Geneva Switzerland

    As I have written before, there is no reason for a layover to be the boring worst part of your trip. With careful planning and intentionally extending a layover can be the best part! This was the case for me for both Zurich and Geneva on my way to and from Greece for New Years 2015. I used my flight strategy to have a full day in both cities! And it was a great decision, particularly for Zurich, unfortunately, Zurich is one of the most expensive cities I have ever been to, but by doing a layover I was able to be there for a day, rather than never be there at all. You won't have much time, so here's my tips:

  • As usual, if you can do the trip with just a carry on I HIGHLY recommend this. I will be writing an article soon on how I spent a month overseas with only a small carry on. Other wise both airports have lockers where you can keep your large luggage and roll out with just a day bag.
  • Getting to and from Zurich and Geneva is very easy by a short train ride, don't waste money on a taxi or hired car
  • You won't have time for much, so just head downtown in both cities, do some shopping, or just window shopping
  • The down part about the carry on to consider, if you want a genuine one of these you may not want a carry on only!

Genuine Swiss knives
  • I recently got into watches, but stylish knock offs and genuine watches, so I decided to treat myself to a real Swiss Watch, I quickly realized this wasn't gonna happen. While it was watch heaven in both cities, and there is nothing like a great Swiss Watch we unfortunately live in a globalized world. Every watch I found that I liked I was able to quickly google and see that I could buy the same one at home for several hundred dollars less. So if you are a budget traveler instead of laying out $10,000 for a Hublot, save that for your next flight or adventure and buy a nice watch when you get home for $100. 99% of people won't know the difference anyway.

    Watch heaven for the eyes, but not for the wallet!
  • A swiss french press though is never a bad investment!

  • Have some tea at one of the many tea stands, for both Zurich and Geneva you will want to walk to the lakes, this is where all the shops, stores, and night life for the lay over are. And be sure to have some fondue for lunch or dinner!

    Great tea with locals, though I don't speak German many people there spoke Italian or English so I was able to get by with that.
  • Zurich airbnb or a hostel is almost necessary with the prices, Geneva was my last night of the month journey so I treated myself to a hotel, the prices in Geneva are significantly cheaper.
  • Oh Speaking of Geneva, if you feel up for it, rent a bike or take a long walk... To France.

Choose the continent!!!!


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