Friday, July 18, 2014

Things That Suck About Travel

    It is true, I am a traveling addict, I love travel. People will always say they love travel, but they don't have money to travel, but they have an iPhone and cable, my reply is that then you don't love travel, you love an iPhone and cable, roughly the cost of one international trip in a year (at least). I love almost everything about travel, even things some people may not love, such as airports and crap hole hostels... But alas, there are some things that even I don't love about travel... Feel free to comment if I missed anything!
  • Flying in the seat... while I will say I love airports, they may have security issues, bad food, and war criminal priced merchandise (i.e. $30 headphones), I love the way the airport connects the world, the joy you see at the arrival gate, and the excitement at the departures... now the actual plane is another story. Flying as I have said before in this blog is modern legalized day human torture. Maximum security prisoners have more comfort than we get in an airplane, I've flow first class free of charge, and that's not even that good!!!
  • Toilet paper... You don't realize how much you love it until it's not there in a country. Don't forget to always have a spare in your backpack for 3rd world trips!

  • Immigration and customs forms, especially returning to the USA! Nothing beats coming back to your own country and having customs try to break open your African wooden sculptures for hidden drugs that don't exist.
  • Jet Lag, the price we must pay. Unless you pull an all nighter or are good with a nap, inevitably your first day or two on a long journey do not plan on keeping normal hours.
  • The gyms... as much as I have written about the failing American Healthcare System, on the other end, we have some people that just kick ass in fitness, and so do our gyms and facilities, most countries I have been to around  the world do not have quality gyms like in the USA, and if they do, they are rarely cheap.
  • Packing, unpacking, not enough room for packing. If it was possible to bring one outfit and wear it a month, I would gladly.
  • Lines... when you look back on a trip years ago you remember the blast it was, the fun, the adventure, you forget... the airport security line, the customs line, the taxi line, the line to check into the hostel or hotel, the line to get on a line for another line, only to realize you are in the wrong line.

  • Lets face it, this is your view... a lot.

  • And to make matters better, you know whatever you are paying the cabbie is 20-100% over the normal price.
  • Weight loss/weight gain/diarrhea. Lets face it you will either be emaciated due to a food borne parasite or being to broke to eat, or you will be indulging in foods you can't normally afford or find due to the country you are in.

    Bon appetit!
  • The first day back to work after a trip... Arghhhhh.......   :'-(
  • And of course.... No matter how awesome your trip is... You will inevitably miss your friends, family, bed, and food from back home. The only thing better than seeing the world, is having a home to come back to! 
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