Tuesday, October 15, 2013

World Cup Discount Tips and Updates for the Budget Traveler

A few quick updates for November 2013:

  • The first random draw period is over. Next chance to buy tickets to games will be December 8th, 2013 in another lottery phase, following that will be another first come first served from February 26th to April 1st. Then finally a last phase April 15th all the way to the final. Remember sponsors don't use all their tickets so while everything may be sold out you never know if tickets will become available as it gets closer!
  • Flight prices have been massively fluctuating cheaper sometimes but in no way cheap compared to going outside of the cup. At the time of writing this the cheapest flights from America are from Miami and Charleston. If you could drive to either airport, or book a trip within a trip (your flight to those cities separate from your world cup flight out of those cities) you could be saving a lot of money. Just make sure you have AMPLE lay over time, like a day!
  • If you were thinking of using a backdoor and flying in from another country in South America, think again. This was my top secret plan, apparently everyone else thought of it. Pay extra and fly from home.
  • Hostel prices are high, but thankfully affordable, if you have a large group www.vrbo.com is still the best bet. I have a group of 4 during the final we will be staying at Hercus Hostel. Recife I'll be in Estação do Mangue Hostel‏.
  • Day to day budget should be equal to Carnivale or New Years, but shopping at grocery stores if you have access to a kitchen in your hostel, hotel, or apartment would be a great money saver!
  • Tickets if you have any may be mailed or picked up in Brazil for matches.
  • The Visa fee for Brazil World Cup will be waived! 

And for me personally, 2 matches to Recife (Mexico vs. Croatia & Italy vs. Costa Rica) and one round trip ticket has been booked! I have a group of about 5, we have secured hostels in Recife for the games, and Rio for the Final, not against linking up with some other people down there.

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