Monday, June 3, 2013

World Cup 2014 For The Budget Traveler

June 2013 Updates!

    Well just like Planning for Russia New Years Eve 2012/2013, it's time to start thinking about World Cup 2014. For me personally, I have been a lifelong football/soccer fan and have never attended a World Cup. My sights are loaded and locked on Brazil, now it's time to make it happen financially. So for everyone reading here's my intel so far...

  • Tickets (if they follow South Africa) will be around $80-$600+ dollars.
  • Hotel prices for Brazil will be up, but experts say not insanely up, Carnivale or New Years prices, but that can change.
  • Flights are now available at normal prices
  • Most if not all of the stadiums are accessible by public transport.
  • And lastly... this is the biggest sports event in this decade that will happen on this side of the hemisphere.
    My plan so far is to go the whole month, unfortunately most of my friends can't get the whole month off, so until the last two weeks when friends will join me, I will share rooms with people I meet online, or go the hostel route , I will get nosebleed seats for matches, eat off street vendors, and sleep on hostel beds, guest couches, or abandoned cars with a blanket over my head for all I care. Any regular readers of this blog know I am no stranger to slumming it for the right occasion, and I can't think of a better occasion than World Cup 2014!!!!! This site will be updated as time goes on, the first step is to get tickets for some matches, I'd love to see USA, Italy, or Brazil play, but I will take tickets for anything!!!! And of course, I will go overboard on price for the final, sometimes the budget traveler must break the budget! Please contact me if you wish to be updated on Budget Travel For World Cup updates or if you'd be interested in sharing a hotel or hostel.

Copa Del Mundo!!!!

Choose the continent!!!!

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  1. Hey! We're headed to Rio next week!!!!
    We're really interested in learning more about your experience, especially after reading some of your tripadvisor posts, which were really useful -- I think we're similar types of travellers. Would you mind answering some of our questions, and what is the best forum to do so, for you?