Saturday, September 17, 2011

4 Amazing Days in New Zealand!!!

Ok so if money were not an issue in life, I would move to New Zealand. What an amazing place to visit! I did flight and hotel for this trip for under $500 USD! Ok there is a catch, I flew in from Fiji, not from the states.

Flight tip: for me to fly from USA to Fiji, to New Zealand, and back it was over $8,000 USD, so I booked a round trip to Fiji from USA, and a round trip to New Zealand from Fiji all for under $1200 USD.

Hotel: I stayed my first two nights at Nomads Hostel on Fort St. God himself must have created this hostel. Internet and bar on site, and a hot tub on the roof. Cleanest bathrooms of any hostel I have ever stayed in. Ok the catch, good place to stay with friend, actually with on site bar and next door night club, great place to stay with friends or even solo, if you are going with a girlfriend or family you may want another option. I had been traveling for a couple of weeks, so my last night in Auckland I opted for privacy and booked a suite at the Chiefly Inn and Suites, also highly recommended. It was only $93 and they put me in the penthouse suite with laundry, kitchen, etc in the room.
Finally my own room in Chiefly Suites and living in luxury at hot tub on roof of Nomad's Hostel

Everything you have ever heard about New Zealand is true, the people there were amazing and nice, the country is beautiful, and there is so much to do! I wish I had more than 4 days, but it was enough to leave a great impression and I will surely return!

Here are my tips, and money saving tips:

  • If you are in shape for it, do everything you can do to go caving in New Zealand by black water rafting. I did the black abyss tour, I have never had such an amazing time in 5 hours underground in freezing waters. The tour was a bit expensive, but it included bus fare from Auckland to Waitomo and after the experience I would have paid double if I knew how awesome it was going to end up being!

    Best time ever underground, swim, raft, dive, and hike through a cave lit by glow worms!
  • Jump off a bridge... seriously, do it, Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump, it was around $150 USD, I did it four hours after landing in Auckland, went smack into the freezing waters, but so worth it!

  • Tour the Waitakere Ranges, book through Waitakere Tours, they pick you up from your hotel and drop you off, that alone would be the cost of renting the car, they also feed you and navigate you all over the beautiful country side of New Zealand, you'll see the east and west coast in the same day trip.
    Waitakere Falls

Waitakere Sand Dunes, shout out to Hercules being filmed here!
  • Try to hit the grocery stores up a bit, and little kiosk type shops for meals, dining is pretty expensive even in a bar or diner type establishment.
  • The city of Auckland is extremely easy to navigate, unless it's a safety issue, or you spent too much time at the pub, taxi expenses should be very minimal.
  • Clothing is expensive but if you must, hit the outlet at the end of Queens St. got a fleece I forgot to pack there for $10.
  • Bars do not close on the weekends! If you came here to party, there will be plenty of options. I left my hostel at 7am to go hiking only to see lots of young men and women stumbling out of the club into the sunrise.
Where to splurge...

Unless you are coming from Australia, or an island in the South Pacific, this was a long trip!!! So while you are there, you must live it up!

  • I am mentioning it twice, go caving!
  • Do what you need to do to see the country side, rent a car, go with a tour company, etc
  • Have lunch or dinner on the harbor
  • Max out on your adrenaline vices, whether it's sky diving, bungy, jet boating, you came this far, make it worth it.
I cannot wait to go back and spend more time there, definitely will hit the South Island next time, but Auckland was so wonderful I can't imagine not stopping back there first!
Enjoy my video of this trip:

Choose the continent!!!!


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